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This is for ALL OF YOU!
Immerse yourself into the rich culture and heritage of different states. Find out what’s unique about each culture from a plethora of stalls showcasing handloom, crafts, food products and more.
It is a long established fact that our mother earth can not digest plastic & take no more of our bullshit. Let’s stop and make it a better planet for the future us.
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This is for ALL OF YOU!
Experience the diverse cultures of Tamil Nadu,and other many states in one place.
Join workshops led by experts and engage with professionals and artists from different parts of India to enhance your knowledge.
Experts have specialized knowledge and experience in their field, and their talks can provide valuable insights and information that might not be available elsewhere.
Expert Talks
Native India Festival
This is for ALL OF YOU!
Feel the essence of different states as you get enthralled in the art and entertainment from Tamil Nadu & other districts, These traditional performances will leave you enthralled asking for more
Internationally acclaimed artist Vikram Hazra is one of the foremost names in Indian devotional music, with over 20 albums and packed concerts in around 50 countries.
Vikram Hazra
Special Live Performace on Day 1

Welcome to Native India Festival

About Us

Welcome to the Native India Festival, an initiative by Market of India – SPR City, SPR India is a leading real estate developer dedicated to acquiring and developing residential and commercial projects in South India.

We are an experiential platform that connects India to India. Our festival aims to help people reconnect with their roots through various interfaces in one location, showcasing India’s cultural and local aspects.

Culture is an important aspect of life for Indians, and we aim to provide an immersive experience to our visitors through food, performing arts, tourism, entertainment, and more. And with traders galore at Native India Festival, you can access products and services that are not part of our urban, metropolitan lives.

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Special Live Performace on Day 1

Vikram Hazra

Internationally acclaimed artist Vikram Hazra is one of the foremost names in Indian devotional music, with over 20 albums and packed concerts in around 50 countries.

He is credited as being the first to introduce the electric guitar and a jazz-rock sensibility into this genre, presenting folk music, traditional chants and ancient philosophy in an exciting World Music format.

Why celebrate Native India Festival?

Go Native, Go Natural, Go Organic

We have all heard of the adage- health is wealth. But with the recent development in the food and health industry and the availability of genetically modified products, we have been seeing a rise in health-related ailments and lifestyle diseases.

Today’s products are laden with chemicals, additives, and preservatives that are harmful and contain cancer-causing agents, endocrine disruptors, etc, putting our health and overall well-being at risk.

Our Indian culture and history are already rich with traditional methods, treatments, and philosophies like Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, Varma therapy, etc. But over the years, with the development of technology, people have forgotten it. With some awareness, more people are shifting towards a natural lifestyle and opting for organic and healthy products by returning to our roots and traditions. This is the perfect opportunity to move towards a healthier lifestyle too, as this festival will showcase shopping, food, and entertainment options under one roof.

"Unleashing the Festive Spirit"

Native Food Festival

Explore, Engage, Experience!

Immerse yourself in the native culture of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and Odisha.


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